Causes Of Diabetes Type 1

How Can We Protect Ourselves From Diabetes?
When people forgot to take care of themselves, different illnesses will suddenly occur. When they forgot to eat properly, chronic disease like diabetes is a common problem that many people. When you experience sudden elevation with your blood sugar, you could have diabetes and you have to be aware about that. Diabetes symptoms occurs when our body fails to react properly with insulin. It’s either our body resist form insulin or our body is not producing enough insulin. Our body gets its energy from glucose that is produced by foods after the break down process. Glucose is very important for our body cells because it fuels up these cells to function. Glucose can’t function without a hormone that is manufactured by pancreas which we called insulin.


Why is it important that our pancreas produces enough insulin? To avoid high blood glucose level, insulin is necessary because it pushes the glucose out of blood into body cells. When there’s an improper production of insulin, you are at risk of diabetes. You can check that sudden elevation with your blood glucose level using a special device called diabetes symptoms checker that you can also use at home. There are two major types of diabetes and these are Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Let us focus first with Type 1 diabetes.


What Causes Type 1 Diabetes


Many people believed that diabetes occurs genetically but based on some researches, the exact root of type 1 diabetes is still unknown. Some experts are saying that there are various factors in the environment that can trigger this type of diabetes. Since the exact reason of type 1 diabetes is still undefined many researchers consider environment viruses and toxins which damages our pancreas or simply known as “autoimmune reaction”. When this happen, our pancreas can’t manufacture enough insulin as what are body needs.


When our pancreas fails to manufacture enough insulin, our blood will be the one to absorb glucose because body cells can’t do it and that is how blood sugar level increases. Instead of utilizing glucose as body fuel, fats and proteins will substitute its place for producing energy.